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  • The Adorable DePoy Family

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  • Handsome little Fella

  • I had the pleasure of taking some pictures of such a cute little guy! He was SOO happy, and rarely made a peep. He was happy, but I'm pretty sure he thought I was a freak, when I was doing my silly antics. :) I had mom hold him for a few pictures, and boy, he was happy as a clam! I LOVED it! Just lo[...]
  • ::Adoption:: Mommy, Daddy, and Ava

  • Oh my! SO, I have a hard time putting into words how I feel about adoption. I have wanted to adopt a child since...really, for as long as I could remember. And we still are thinking about it. Whenever I get the chance to photograph a new family and newly adopted child, it does something to me. It"s [...]
  • Family Session

  • I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog. I am very good at keeping my Facebook Page up to date, but for some reason I have been neglecting my blog once again. So, today I'm gonna get all caught up. :) Starting with the lovely DeVries family.