A trip to Chicago to learn from J*

Last week, I had the great opportunity to go to Chicago, with Tracy another photog friend of mine. I drove, which if you know me, is HUGE! I hate driving, in general, so driving 2.5hrs to Chicago and driving in Chicago traffic was C-R-A-Z-Y for me!! This sounds so silly, but I was so proud of myself, that I got us there, safe! HA!! I totally did a happy dance…in my head! So, anyway, we got to Chicago early, and we decided to hit up Trader Joes, since we don’t have one anywhere near us. It only took us about 45 minutes to find park. UGH! We ran in, ran out, and drove to our next destination…Loft on Lake, to see J* Star!! We passed it a good 3 times, which is funny, because the BIG tour bus was parked right in front of the meeting place. Hilarious! …I guess you had to be there…Anyway, we found parking, and I was literally praying, that it was not in a tow away zone. There was a sign, but it was turned around and pointing to the opposite direction.  ( You know, I am reading this now, and it seriously sounds like I have anxiety issues…who doesn’t right?!?! :-/ ha!)

We arrived and got in line, probably 40 minutes, before doors were to open. I would say we were probably # 15ish in line.  While in line we met some very friendly colleagues that live in different parts of the mid-west region. So we started talking, and thought we should go get a drink, food, and use the potty, before it all goes down.  (Yes, I said potty. Can you tell I have three little princesses?) We had a great chat, and quick learned about each other and our business. It was GREAT!!

After eating our yummy pretzel with cheese, we walked back to the line. I would now say that we are #40ish in line. It was a bummer, but we had new friends in line with us. I felt like that was a huge bonus!

So we walked into the venue, and who did I see?? Mr. JD! IF you don’t know who that is, it’s Jasmine’s husband, photography side kick, her man!  I’m sure he thought I was a totally out of my gourd, but I said, “JD, how are you??” Like we were friends, or went to school together.  He was so nice, and said, “Hey, how’s it going?” and Tracy took a picture of us….

I just wanted to say this now, since I will probably forget it later, but the way JD looks at Jasmine while she was talking…aw, I could feel his love for her. Everytime that I saw him looking at her, he was smiling. PRECIOUS!!

<Back on Track> sorry..

SO we walked in, with a drink ticket, found seats. Not the best seats, but I am happy to just be there. And alive, remember…..

Jasmine came out, and she was EXACTLY how I thought she would be. She is short, tiny, beautiful, and HILARIOUS! I connected to EVERYTHING  she was saying. She was honest, vulnerable, and just plain real.  This may be a silly analogy, But I felt like she was my big sister. A sister from anotha motha. 😉 I don’t have a sister, only sister in laws, but I imagine if I did have one growing up they would give you great advice. Advice, that she learned through mistakes, and by her accomplishments.

If you read this, thank you Jasmine for your honesty. For you vulnerability. and for your love of this industry. It was great fun talking to you and chatting with you!


So we left, Chicago the same night, and drove back home @ around 2:30 am. The roads were being less traveled, but it was now dark. Guess who does not like to drive in the dark?…… 😉



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