First “real” snow fall of 2012

Well, we finally received a good amount of snow last week. The beginning of the week we had great weather, for January. The girls were actually in short sleeves the day we had 50 degree weather. Then Friday, it rained a little bit, and then we were hit with snow. Perfect white, large, beautiful snowflakes. It was BEAUTIFUL!! And, because it rained before we got the snow, the snow stuck to every single branch and twig. That is my favorite kind. Everything looked magical. I knew it wasn’t going to last for long, so my husband and I went out to grab a few photos.

I posted these on FB the other day, and on the first photo, someone commented it looked like Narnia. It TOTALLY does. I never even thought of it, but it truly does.

Thanks for taking a peek. Talk at ya soon. :)