Tulip Time 2011 poster competition

I meant to post this a while a go, but never got around to it. So,Late last year, I saw that there was a competition for the 2011 Tulip Time poster. I though, “eh, what the heck!” SO I submitted two pieces of art work. I thought it would never get picked, because they were photograph. Tulip Time posters seem to be mostly be paintings. But, I Thought it doesn’t hurt to try. The day the 20 finalist were notified came and went, and I didn’t hear from anyone. Not a phone call,not an email, not a envelope in the mail, nothing. I was kind of bummed, but what was I gonna do? Oh well, maybe I will enter next year or something…. a few days later….. Kenton receives a call. I was selected to be in the TOP 20!!! WHAT!?!?! FOR REAL?!?! WHAT?!?!  THey have been trying to e-mail me ALL along, but they had the wrong e-mail address. Then, they proceed to tell him, the print needs to be at the art council by the end of the day. SO this is kind of how it went in my head…

WHAT? For Real? ME? YAHOOOOOO, What did they say? YAY!!!! WOOT WOOT! Wait, what? Today? HOLY CRAP!!! WOOT!! What am I gonna do?? FOCUS !!<enter a few tears> FOCUS!! OH yeah, duh… PLEASE be open, please be open! YES!!! WOOT WOOT!

That was the short version. 😉

Anyway, I had it printed and ran it over to the Arts Council as soon as it was done. I walked into the art council, and I finally got to see the top 20 art pieces that were selected. I felt honored! There were some really great pieces there.

Long story short, I didn’t win this year, and that’s ok. But I am still in the running for second place. During Tulip Time, there is going to be a “people’s choice” award. The 19 pieces that did not win the poster this year will be framed and located in downtown stores.   The public will then vote on their favorite.  Hopefully second place is in my future. :)

Here is the one image of mine that was selected…


    • by nina on March 11, 2011  10:17 am Reply

      I kind of worded that wrong.hah! The one I posted, is the one that made it into the top 20. That is mine, girl! Lol :)
      The one that won for the 2011 poster is a painting of 6 tulips, each in a square.I think it's called 'drama queen'?

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