Pinterest anyone?

I have a new addiction, and it’s name is pinterest. I am on there ALL the time…seriously!

Ok, so let me try to explain it to you. So, you, or other people,  load pictures or share photo links from some of their favorite websites to Pinterest. Whatever you think is cool! Then you can go through all the images and “pin” them to your boards. I have a bunch of boards started right now. I have a “dreams” board, a “DIY” board, a “cooking” board, and of course a board with images that I love.  It’s like having a bunch of cork boards, with a bunch of images cut out from a magazine, BUT they are categorized and LINKS to the website, so you can find it back!! AH!! I love it! Of course, you can follow people’s boards, like their boards, and comment on their boards too. Everything is social network these days… But it’s cool! You have to check it out! There is great inspirations there. :)

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  1. by Lynette on February 11, 2011  3:57 am Reply

    Apparently you have to be a "cool kid" to get in though... I was denied! Something about beta blah blah blah!

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