I almost forgot how to work this thing. ;)

Well, things are finally starting to level out for me. I am designing a fw albums at the moment–which is so much fun! I’ll try to get some pictures of those as soon as the finished product is delivered to me.I have a beautiful canvas that just arrived that is pretty cool too. I might have to take a picture of that too, and post it.

So it’s a new year, and I made a few resolutions/goals. And when I say a few, I mean a lot. 😉 Here they are..  1) lose weight–of course, who doesn’t make that resolution. But it’s about time I do it. My youngest daughter is now 2, and I can’t blame it on my pregnacy anymore. 2) Take at least a picture a day.–I tried the whole 365 thing, and it never really worked for me. I just got too busy, and felt like the pictures had to be something faboulus. SO this year, I am going to try to document what is going on at home, with three little girls. There is ALWAYS something going on here. 3) blogging. I am awful at blogging. Aw-ful! Updating this blog is so easy, but my goodness I never do it.  SO, even if it’s just a picture, at least it will be a post. :) 4) Spend more time with God.–My days are filled with chasing kids, errend running, cooking, work, gym, and my relationship with God has fallen to to the waist side more than what I like. SO I am gonna get back to spending more time in His word, and doing my devotionals. 5) Be a better Mom and Wife–spend more one on one time with each of the girls, have some craft nights, and play dates with them. Also, more dates with hubby. Looking forward to that. 6) keep up with cleaning.–This is SO hard for me. I have three girls. Three girls who love to color, cut paper, sharpen pencils, put on make up…whatever, and my house gets trashed. I currently have toys all over the living room and paper scraps all over the kitchen floor. But I would rather them have fun doing all that stuff than to tell them NO don’t cut paper because it’s too messy. You know what I mean? Anyway, they get so busy playing and I get busy designing, then it’s lunch time, or dinner time, or we have to leave, whatever–then the cleaning doeant get done until I get home. SO I have to have a better system. The clutter is driving me nuts!! 😉

SO there you have it. I’ll let you know how i do with those. To end this post, here is a winter picture. I <3 winter!

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