Eric + Bri

Boooyaa—It rained today…it rained a lot. But, on a brighter note, it cleared up just in time for an engagement session this evening. We even had some sun…i said some…for a little while. Eric and Brianna are awesome! AWESOME! They were willing to do anything for pictures tonight. They even tried to climb a tree for some shots. The tree ended up being  impossible to climb, but they tried, and that’s what matters, right?!?! I could have taken pictures all night…for real. No, for real!  But they apparently had to eat. Psh, eat…that is so overrated. ha!!

Before YOU eat (you like how I did that!?!?) take a look at this peek.

BTW, if you are wondering why I started this post with “booyaa”  I’m sure you’re not the only one.  The reason… sounded better than “shazam!” …Yes, I am that awesome! 😉

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  1. by MandaKay on May 19, 2010  12:26 pm Reply

    These are so fun, and you captured some GREAT shots! Congrats again Eric & Bri!

  2. by Lori Lewis on June 1, 2010  8:33 am Reply

    Hey, Selena, this is Bri's mom. Just wondered if I could get some of those awesome engagement photos for her wedding shower I am having at my home this Saturday. I need to fill a few picture frames to place around the house. Thanks a million!!!

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