My little ladies

A few weeks back my middle daughter, Isabel,  kept asking me if I would  take HER pictures. I Think I may have had a few shoots that week and she was feeling she wanted her time to shine. :) So, I had an idea on how to make it more special for her. I let her pick out her own outfit. Now, that may sound kind of trival to some, but you have to know my girls. They are SOOOO girly! SO girly!!! I always pick out their clothes for school, so this was a real treat for her. OK, so Isabel, my middle daughter, had it in her head what she was going to wear already. What can I say the girl has style!! She had dress-up bling, from the playroom, and one of my necklaces….she didn’t miss a thing. I’ll post her pics in a minute…

So, My oldest daughter saw the pictures of Isabel on the computer and said she wanted to do the same thing. Again, she was so thrilled to pick out her whole outfit. It was so fun to see her so excited about having her pictures taken. Oh, and listening to her talk about “the tights matching her dress” was so FUNNY! She had some bling too… Of course….Her a few pictures of them.

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Now it was my youngest daughters turn.  She can’t pick out her clothes yet, so I had to help her out. :) She came with me to her sister’s shoots, and it wsa finally her turn last week. SHe hardly has any pictures of her, by herself, so I made sure to take more than just a few. She is a little honey!! Ok, so it looks like I gave her some direction, but I didn’t! All I told her to do is “smile like a princess” and this is what she gives me….

20100410_blog_06 20100410_blog_05 20100410_blog_04 20100410_blog_03 20100410_blog_02 20100410_blog_01

Those are my little ladies, and I adore them!!! I can’t wait until we do it again. :)

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