Sweet Sarah

Babies. Love them! I love the smell of  babies that were just bathed. So yummy! Almost makes me want another one. 😉 Anyway, Look at this little honey. She was so precious, so quite, so amazing. She slept pretty much the entire time. She had a little accident, but that was to be expected. :) Here are a few from our session…

20091113_blog_05 20091113_blog_04 20091113_blog_03 20091113_blog_02 20091113_blog_01


  1. by amanda on December 22, 2009  10:33 am Reply

    These are so beautiful!! I want one ;-)

  2. by Brianna Phelan on January 5, 2010  5:54 pm Reply

    Our girls were preemies and had that sweet little fuzz on them like in the 3rd shot - I loved it. Beautiful images :)

  3. by ohana photographers on February 8, 2010  8:21 am Reply

    2nd to last is beautiful! thank you for your kind words on the blog about kim's dad.

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