I did it again…

I forgot to post some pictures on here. I’ll make it short and sweet, but full of pictures. :) Here are two sessions.

THe first was in a cute little orchard, with 3 cute little peanuts!

2009-08-26_blog_08 2009-08-26_blog_07 2009-08-26_blog_06 2009-08-26_blog_05 2009-08-26_blog_03 2009-08-26_blog_02 2009-08-26_blog_09

Then I had a senior session.  Kaileigh really rocked it!! :)

2009-08-27_blog_07 2009-08-27_blog_06 2009-08-27_blog_04 2009-08-27_blog_03 2009-08-27_blog_01-2 2009-08-27_blog_01 2009-08-27_blog_10

Thanks for visiting and taking a peek. There will be more to come soon. :)

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