::08-12 Session:: Allie

Tonight I had so much fun. I almost broke my leg when I fell (don’t ask) but I had fun. Allie was so sweet and she knew how to ‘work it’. Thank you Allie and Mom for a great night.  Here is a preview from tonight’s session. :)  I hope you enjoy!


2009-08-12_file_09 2009-08-12_file_08 2009-08-12_file_06 2009-08-12_file_05 2009-08-12_file_04 2009-08-12_file_03 2009-08-12_file_01

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  1. by MandaKay on August 13, 2009  2:10 pm Reply

    Stunning! Allie is adorable and her pics make her shine - I don't even know her, but you can just see personality!

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