Back to reality

I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas and New Year! It seems crazy to think all of is done and over with already. Isabel has been singing “Away in the Manger” non stop these days, and we are still reminding her that Santa is back at the North Pole and that he will not be coming back until next year. I think that since we missed seeing him at the mall or downtown,  she thinks that he is gonna come back to our house to say What up?! Poor girl– I’m sure she’ll forget about it soon anyway.

Eva starts school again tomorrow and I am the helper, so that will be fun. I think we are gonna have a belated Christmas party, since the last day before Christmas break was canceled due to all that snow we had. She is pretty psyched about hitting the pinata and getting candy… of course. :) It will be great to get her back into the routine of things. She is one of those kids that needs routine and always has been that way. I love it too! :)

So this past weekend, we moved Isabel into a new room and Lucia into her own room. Lucia has been in the bassinet in our room this whole time, and it was time to move her out! Now everyone has there own room and space. YAY! Bel loves it!! We haven’t had her pick out her bedding yet, but we will do that soon enough. For now she is using our spare bedroom outfit. :) I think Eva likes the idea too, that her and Isabel have rooms next to each other. We also moved the bookshelves from Isa’s new room, to the nursery and organized them too. :) That, by it’s self, took forever! I have an obsession with books. I LOVE them. LOVE them!! Any kind of book and especially children books. I could spend hours at bookstores. Anyway, off track….so yep, oh yes…..Lucia–not a fan of the move. She does great at night, but at nap time she can’t stand it and usually cries her self to sleep.  I’m sure in a couple of weeks she will be doing better. Have I ever mentioned she is the most difficult baby that I have had? She is by far! Eva was a wonderful baby and Isabel was even better. Lucia is something else for sure! She can be the sweetest, most content little peanut, and then turn on you and cry FOREVER the next minute. I shouldn’t be complaining, ’cause I know it could be worse, but geesh girl……:)

So it’s back to work for me. I have a few things to finish up and then I will be all caught up! YAY! I decided this year I am gonna try to take a picture everyday. I never did it in the past because I knew I wouldn’t be able to post everyday. So this year I am gonna give it a try but I will post the pictures on Friday.’cause really, I know I would fail if I were to post everyday.  So every Friday I will post pictures from the whole week. :)

Ok, I am gonna meet a friend for coffee soon. I hope you all have a great week!

(Taken on our way home from Target that really foggy day 12/27/08)

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